E•COPILOT Benefits & Facts



E•COPILOT provides intelligent management of horsepower and acceleration during decreased load operating conditions, reducing the adverse impact of poor driver behavior. Our patented GSM-enabled technology allows for real- time reporting, remote optimization and enhanced management capabilities.

Companies currently spend millions of dollars attempting to correct inefficient and unsafe driver behavior. E-Copilot reduces the gap between a good driver and bad, managing the effects of poor training and bad driving habits.

When a vehicle is at maximum capacity, pulling a load or climbing a grade, the driver has access to all power available. In less demanding situations or reduced load conditions, the power is optimized to allow for maximum performance with optimal fuel efficiency. It’s like resizing your engine for specific portions throughout your vehicle’s duty cycle.

The Result

      • Optimal power
      • Increased fuel efficiency
      • Improved driver safety
      • Reduced maintenance costs
      • Real-time reporting and management tools


      • Fuel savings can be 10% or more
      • Improve safety by eliminating aggressive acceleration
      • Reduce maintenance costs: Drive train, premature tire wear
      • No driver training / incentive required
      • Device requires no maintenance
      • Always have the power needed without wasting fuel
      • Works with all makes and models
      • Assets stay with fleet as it’s transferred to the next vehicle


      • Works with 2002 and newer North American class 7 and 8 trucks
      • Works with many medium duty trucks
      • Accredited independent lab proven
      • Meets or exceeds all required safety standards
      • Commonly installs in less than two hours
      • Does not affect manufacturer’s warranty


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