Fuel Saving Application Guide

Duty Cycles that Benefit from the E•COPILOT

The E•COPILOT has proven to provide fuel consumption benefits in applications where demand and payload vary. Although the technology achieves a higher percentage of fuel economy improvement:

• When there are more occurrences of acceleration:  the more stop and go, the greater the percentage of fuel consumption improvement.

• When a greater period of time is spent carrying less than a full load:  anytime the vehicle is carrying less than a full load, the device works to reduce fuel consumption.

Although the percentage of improvement will be less in trucks that spend more time on the interstate, as in the transport beverage application, the ROI may be better. A 3.7% improvement for a truck traveling nearly 200,000 miles will result in a faster payback than a 10% improvement in a truck traveling only 25,000 miles. The required condition to be an effective application is; is there a variable payload and demand.

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