How the fuel efficient, GPS and speed adaptation device Works

Utilizing GPS, E•SMARTDRIVER locates the vehicle and manages the speed based on the posted speed limit. Management can choose maximum speeds for city streets, regional roads and interstates. This not only saves fuel economy it also provides for increased safety and reduced liability by managing both speed and acceleration.

Additionally, E•SMARDRIVER is a patented solid state fuel economy technology that manages available power based on the actual demand.  The device is a small box that commonly mounts behind a dash panel. By monitoring a number of data points within the vehicles ECM’s the E•SMARDRIVER manages the driver’s access to the engine power to optimize fuel economy and performance.

When an engine is selected for a vehicle it must be sized to haul its heaviest load, climb the steepest grade and meet its greatest demand. However, in most applications the vehicle spends much of its day hauling less than its full load weight and operating in less demanding situations. The E•SMARDRIVER manages the driver’s access to the engines power providing the power when needed while optimizing fuel economy.

The E•SMARDRIVER is much more than just a load based engine or transmission control. While some OE engine and transmission manufacturers offer load based fuel economy configurations the E•SMARDRIVER highly patented technology works very differently. In government recognized independent lab studies and field tests the E•SMARDRIVER has proven fuel economy benefits of as much as 11% improvement on OE load based engines and transmissions. Additionally, the E•SMARDRIVER can be easily retrofit to most class 7 and 8 trucks as well as many medium duty trucks.

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