Intelligent Speed Adaptation

E•SMARTDRIVER uses all the functionality of the E•COPILOT. Utilizing GPS, E•SMARTDRIVER locates the vehicle and manages the speed based on the posted speed limit. Management can choose maximum speeds for city streets, regional roads and interstates. This not only saves fuel it also provides for increased safety and reduced liability by managing both speed and acceleration.


  • All functionality of the E•COPILOT
  • Equipped with GPS technology
  • Manage speed based on posted speed limit
  • Intelligent Cruise Control
  • Fuel savings can be 10% or more
  • Improve safety by eliminating aggressive acceleration
  • Reduce maintenance costs: Drive train, premature tire wear
  • No driver training / incentive required
  • Device requires no maintenance
  • Always have the power needed without wasting fuel
  • Works with all makes and models
  • Assets stay with fleet as it’s transferred to the next vehicle


  • Works with 2002 and newer North American class 7 and 8 trucks
  • Q3 2014 most medium and light duty vehicles will be available
  • Accredited independent lab proven
  • Meets or exceeds all required safety standards
  • Commonly installs in less than two hours
  • Does not affect manufacturer’s warranty


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