E•COPILOT increases efficiency by providing intelligent management of horsepower and acceleration during decreased load operating conditions, reducing the adverse impact of poor driver behavior and saving our customers’ money.

“Associated Building Materials is a specialized, private carrier with over 50 trucks which run, on average, over 100,000 miles a year. On November 01, 2014, we installed E-Copilot on our 2015 Freightliner sleeper which is powered by a Detroit 505 HP engine. Upon activation of the E-Copilot unit, we have seen an average improvement of 6.0% which is confirmed by running parallel with our on board PeopleNet system. Needless to say, these results far exceeded our expectations. We are excited about the product and plan to roll the E-Copilot out to our entire fleet over the coming months.“
— Michael Hatfield, VP Logistics - Associated Building Materials
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